About Us

Boutique Firm with Global Presence

CBSC is a boutique firm providing high-caliber services to organizations in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Our Heritage

CBSC was formed through the union of two firms that share similar standards of excellence and a commitment to providing clients with customized solutions that work – and work well. Each had a strong desire to help companies in the MENA region and elsewhere, build their businesses. Given their complementary skill sets and client bases, merging the companies was a natural, strategic decision. The two original firms: Intelligent Human Systems (iHS) and The Q Group (TQG).

ihs is one of the leading global management consulting firms, headquartered in Ottawa, Canada; it also has offices in Malaysia, India and the UAE, and operations in the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Central Asia, and Africa. For over a decade ihs has provided high-caliber business, finance, and technology consulting and training to blue-chip clients and entrepreneur organizations in various industries, including education, oil & gas, mining, technology, public sector, healthcare, construction, engineering, finance, retail and more.

TQG is one of Canada’s top boutique business strategy, marketing communications and corporate training organizations. Located in Toronto, Canada, TQG has worked with firms in Canada, the US, France, the Caribbean and the Middle East. For over 25 years it has provided corporate training programs and developed effective business strategies, as well as customer retention and integrated marketing programs for B2B and B2C companies in multiple sectors, including alternate fuels, airlines, automotive, education, financial services, hospitality, office products, manufacturing, technology, telecommunications and more.

Despite its relatively recent union, CBSC is a global organization with partners in North America, Europe and the MENA region.

CBSC Services

The Canadian Business Success Centre’s core services address four key areas:

Executive Coaching and Talent Development

We help today’s executives become better directors and strategists, while helping to shape the leaders of tomorrow. How? Through proven top tier Executive Coaching and Mentorship, Leadership Building, Employee Training and Skills Development programs. All of our programs are customizable; many are industry-specific (Banking, Financial Services, Oil & Gas, Travel & Tourism and more).

Business Consulting: Strategy and Innovation

We work collaboratively with our clients to help them develop strategies that let them thrive, no matter how tough or challenging the economic times. One of the areas in which we excel: Helping companies successfully enter new, developing markets.

Market Research and Trend Analysis

To be truly effective, strategy must be built on a solid foundation of knowledge of the company and its internal workings, its customers and competitors, as well as the industry, category and macro-environment. We conduct the research, analyse the findings and provide our clients with insights and ideas that let them assume economic leadership.

Digital/Technological Transformation

A new era is dawning in the digital economy age, creating new challenges for corporate leaders and providing unparalleled opportunities for growth. As new technologies are changing the way we communicate and do business, it’s critical that enterprises undergo a Digital Transformation in order to keep pace. We can help you catch up, keep up and even pull ahead of the crowd.