What We Do

The companies that are growing their businesses and their bottom lines today know that they need to do an equally good job in four key areas:

  • Building their brand
  • Employee engagement and ensuring employees have the skills they need to support strategic growth
  • Understanding evolving market dynamics and changing customer behaviours
  • Deftly adapting internal systems in response to tech advancements

The Canadian Business Success Centre provides consulting, research and a range of courses, Mini MBAs, Master Certificates and other training programs in each of these four key areas.

Data and Digital Transformation

  • How to Leverage Big Data
  • How to solve increasing technological interoperability
  • Organizational alignment to support new tech How to vault analytics hurdles
  • Heightening Cybersecurity
  • Risk Assessment

Executive Coaching and Talent Development

  • Corporate Training (via facilitated sessions and heuristic-based processes)
  • Executive Coaching
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Key Notes
  • Employee Bootcamps

Research, Analysis and Strategic Assessment

  • Brand Audit and Assessment
  • Competitive Audit
  • Macro-Environment Assessment
  • Consumer Research
  • Identification of Opportunities Based on Trends
  • Synectics Sessions and Experiential Summits, including
    Camp Q